Posts from December 2006

  • Internal Oxygen Icon meeting minutes

    Kenneth Wimer,

    This evening I wrote a blog entry about this and then lost everything I wrote. What fun…here it is again, I hope that this once again explains the meeting we had tonight about the Oxygen Icons…

    We decided:

    1) to start a style guide…Oxygen Styl…

  • Oxygen and more

    Kenneth Wimer,

    On Monday we had a semi-spontaneous meeting concerning the Oxygen style and window decoration. Actually, we had already started this stuff but nothing really ever became of it and in the meantime some very courageous people stepped up and started work …

  • The last several months (busy, busy, busy)

    Kenneth Wimer,

    It has been a while since I wrote a blog entry. Let’s see….

    I spent some time with my family in America. Drove around a bit between Wisconsin and St. Louis, visiting my mother, father, sisters and brothers, and their respective families.

    Snapped th…

  • KDE Love….it’s better than a kick in the face

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I attended the Canonical Ubuntu Paris Developer Summit this week. Several other KDE representatives attended and we “Spread the KDE Love” to use a popular term. I am certain that it will take quite some persuading to get me to come back to Paris again…

  • A lucky day…

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Today was an interesting day. Today being the 13th of June :-) I have been watching all the World Cup games. All games are broadcast in Germany on free TV, which is simply amazing. Less than amazing was the USA teams’ match against the Czech Republic.

  • The air in Portugal is full of Oxygen

    Kenneth Wimer,

    In addition to great food, even better wine, and much better weather than Germany, Nuno’s hospitality has made our week long meeting simply wonderful and very productive so far.

    After the first two days of intensive work on the Oxygen Icons (http://…

  • Akademy logo

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I made the first Akademy logo for this years event. It is one of three ideas I had and simply the first to be finished in time for the first announcement on

    Other versions are sure to follow.

  • KDE, Kubuntu…the future!

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I attended the KDE eV board meeting in Berlin a week ago, finalizing the HCI working group stuff. An announcement should follow soon.

    From Berlin I flew to London for the Dapper UI Sprint. Thanks go to Jonathan Riddell and Mark Shuttleworth for makin…