Posts from November 2007

  • Oops

    Kenneth Wimer,

    After going out with friends from India this evening we made our way back home and cooked dinner. As some of the people were vegetarians we also prepared vegetarian food. By mistake I roughly cleaned the spoon from the chicken marsala and stuck it in t…

  • 12 years ago today…

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I moved to Germany. What have I learned in the last 12 years here (other than German)? Patience and how to make one heck of a schnitzel.

  • UDS Boston 2007

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Spent the last week in Boston at FOSSCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

    Obligatory group picture

  • Oxygen wallpaper contest continued

    Kenneth Wimer,

    We have received around 1900 contributions for the Oxygen wallpaper contest – amazing, eh?

    The final selection will be concluded soon…keep your eyes open for the final selection!

  • Oxygen wallpaper contest

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Ruphy set up a page for accepting uploads of wallpaper ideas for Oxygen (thanks Ruphy!). Go to the Oxygen Wallpaper Contest page and upload your pics while they’re hot!

    If you have a good idea for a wallpaper to use in KDE4 get them in now. Most impor…