Posts from September 2008

  • Intrepid and beyond

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Things are winding up for Intrepid. This time, we spent quite some effort on trying out new things. Our dark theme test seemed to pay off. Next time I would announce it better :-) There are quite a few changes coming in Intrepid soon, sounds (hopefully…

  • On being pessimistic

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Just heard this one….Pessimists think things can’t get any worse, optimists know they can.Jono (apparently angry at the similarity of their fake names) had this to say about the difference between God and Bono: God doesn’t think he is Bono.

  • UDS Intrepid

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I spent the last week in Prague at the Ubuntu Developer Summit working on our next release, the Intrepid Ibex. In my eyes this was the best UDS yet. Pretty soon you’ll be noticing some pretty major changes in the artwork. Due to Intrepid being the firs…