Posts from July 2009

  • Distributed user testing of archive behavior in Ubuntu

    David Siegel,

    In response to two paper cuts, “Have the file-roller automatically extract an archive on double click” and “‘Archive Manager’ doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what an ‘archive’ is”, the Canonical Design Team devised a user test of archive behavior in Ubuntu, and we’re inviting the community to help administer the test and collect […]

  • Karmic desktop contest script

    David Siegel,

    I wrote a quick-and-dirty Haskell script to download photos from the Karmic Desktop Contest, setting a new photo as your desktop background every ten minutes. Make sure you cabal install flickr first.

  • Featured paper cut: Nautilus, simplified

    David Siegel,

    I thought I’d share a fun paper cut from this week’s milestone that has seen some interesting developments. The proposed changes (and discussion) have grown larger than paper cut size, but some progress was made (resulting in a PPA for you to try) and you may find the work fascinating like I do. The paper […]

  • Karmic wallpapers

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Ubuntu would like to include a beautiful set of images for our users to choose from in our next release. In order to accomplish this we have set up a wiki page to explain things and guidelines for inclusion.In addition we’ve started a flickr group to a…

  • Test drive Ubuntu on your Mac with

    David Siegel,

    During Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Ivanka Majic, Kalle Persson, Andreas Nilsson, and I had a conversation about exposing designers to the growing momentum behind free software usability and design. People interested in contributing graphic design or usability work who use Macs represent a largely untapped source of talent; I’ve found it difficult to experiment […]