Posts from September 2009

  • On the Ubuntu 9.10 default wallpaper

    Michael Forrest,

    The first thing I did after installing Ubuntu 9.04 was to head straight for the Appearance settings to choose a desktop picture. Here’s what I was offered:Naturally, a panic ensued while I tried to work out how to synchronise filesystems between OS X a…

  • So.. I got this new job..

    Michael Forrest,

    I always planned to make my millions and then spend them philanthropically, on a technological venture. Nanotech, bioengineering or artificial intelligence – some scientific enterprise for the benefit of humankind. Earlier this year, when the credit cr…

  • Ubuntu Karmic desktop

    Kenneth Wimer,

    Yesterday was a big day for the Karmic desktop. Lots of pieces came together like switching icon themes, colour changes in the UI, a new dark theme for GDM, a new default background and, 19 photos chosen from the flickr group we started earlier this ye…

  • Installing applications. There _is_ already a better way

    Iain Farrell,

    I read with interest an article over at which pointed to a Mozilla piece about the complexities of installing applications on the Mac. For those not in the know the way that you install software on the Mac is that you typically get a disk image as a download. When you download this your […]

  • Unwatching the detail?

    Iain Farrell,

    Big problem just about every project I’ve ever worked on has been the rush to get something out the door. Estimates rarely stack up. Last minute changes and scope creep mean that there’s always more to do than was first thought. However, when it came to Apple’s software I was always impressed by the level […]