Posts from January 2010

  • Lucid Paper Jam update!

    David Siegel,

    I thought I’d write a quick update on paper cut progress for Lucid. Last week was our “Sound & Video” paper jam. The following paper cuts were fixed:

    Totem: Must have a fullscreen button
    “Razor” [is] an odd name for the split tool
    Rhythmbox Notification Bubble shows wrong cover art
    [Sound Recorder] Cancel button doesn’t use correct behaviour
    [Sound Recorder] […]

  • Improving Launchpad bug workflow for opportunistic programmers

    David Siegel,

    I’m a talented software engineer. I have a good deal of application programming experience on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, and the Web. I’m crazy about style guidelines, correctness, functional decomposition, self-documenting code, explicit documentation, code review, unit tests, etc. I’m confident that for most application codebases, I could learn my way around quickly […]

  • Draggy Fists

    Michael Forrest,

    It always feels dangerous to mess with the mouse pointer when working with Flash as it has a tendency to vanish entirely if you you miss a mouse eve due to the mouse button being released outside the Flash window.

    This has resulted in my fake version …

  • Empathy Paper Jam

    David Siegel,

    Last week marked our first “paper jam” for the Lucid cycle, during which the Ubuntu community identified ten potential paper cuts affecting Empathy to fix in Ubuntu 10.04. These paper cuts include:

    Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically
    “Automatically connect on startup” setting confusing – users may expect this to run Empathy on login
    Inconsistent […]