Posts from May 2010

  • Last week in London and Brussels

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I spent the first part of last week in a small room in London with Andrea Cimitan, Daniel Foré and Otto Greenslade working on the amazing Murrine theme engine and the Ambiance (and Radiance) themes.In a few days we accomplished quite a lot: a new expa…

  • The keyboard menu

    Matthew Paul Thomas,

    A new keyboard menu will replace both the keyboard layout toggle from Ubuntu’s doomed notification area, and the IBus menu for choosing a keyboard input method.

  • New Ubuntu and Canonical sites

    Alejandra Obregon,

    The new Ubuntu and Canonical sites went live today. As well as the visual refresh to include the new brand, the objective was to bring the sites up-to-date and provide a framework for them to evolve.

  • Colour management

    Kenneth Wimer,

    I’ve been looking for a local store which offers a colour sprectromitor and chanced upon the spyder3. I have to say that it is a total let-down. It doesn’t work on Linux to begin with. I feared this going in but the gracious return policy at the s…

  • Talk Type

    Marcus Haslam,

    At the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), we invited Type Designer Bruno Maag from Dalton Maag to talk about the…

  • So long already? Nah! :)

    Iain Farrell,

    Today saw the start of the Ubuntu Developer Summit for our next release Maverick Meerkat. This sentiment on the final slide of Mark’s presentation will hopefully be the way that we bid a fond farewell to at the end of this insane week and I may well be motivated to blog about the craziness that […]

  • Hello, Unity

    David Siegel,

    This is an early version of Unity, what will hopefully become the new interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10:
    Unity comprises:

    A launcher that makes opening and switching between applications delightful.
    A panel where indicators behave uniformly.
    A view of your installed applications, with Ubuntu Software Center integration.
    A view of your files, with quick access to favorite folders, recent […]

  • Window indicators

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    “Windicators” are window indicators, on the right of the title bar, which follow the same pattern as the Ayatana indicators that Ubuntu uses on in the panel.