Posts from July 2010

  • Design by enthusiasm

    Ivanka Majic,

    As many of you are most probably aware I work for Canonical and some of my blog posts from here are syndicated to I was asked a rather interesting question on that blog and partly due to the impatience of the asker decided to respond by way of a post. My other motivation for […]

  • Guadec Day 2: In pursuit of critical mass

    Ivanka Majic,

    Today I was reminded of this quote by Jane Goodall: If everyone could think a little bit about small choices they make every day: What do you eat, does it result in animal cruelty? What do you wear, how was it made, does it damage the environment? When people start thinking like that they do […]

  • Guadec Day 1

    Ivanka Majic,

    This week I am at Guadec in Den Haag. For those less familiar with working on open-source projects Guadec is the annual gathering of developers, users and businesses primarily focused on GNOME. GNOME, for those of you who don’t know is the core desktop element of Ubuntu. Explanations for the uninitiated now delivered, I will […]

  • This week in design – 23 July 2010

    Iain Farrell,

    Edition 2 of this week in design kicks off with news of Stack Exchange, a bit about the distro sprint in Prague and an amazing achievement by our Design Team Lead as she walks for a very very long time in aid of Oxfam!

  • This week in design – 16th July 2010

    Iain Farrell,

    In this first ever “This week in design”, Iain updates us on the work the design team have been doing on guidelines, the desktop and the font. We also name some community helpers lending their support.

  • Vote now for a more supportive future!

    Iain Farrell,

    Evan, seen lurking here in the background, has a favour to ask. Stackoverflow is a website that allows professional and enthusiast developers to ask questions of one another in order to share ideas, solutions and make the life of developers better. It’s an extremely high quality resource but those clever folks over at Stack Overflow […]

  • Never judge a book by its cover!


    Ubuntu Software Center has amazing improvements lined-up for Maverick Meerkat and early alpha adopters are highly excited about the progress.…