Hi everyone,

I am about to go on holiday for a whole 2 weeks so I wanted to give you a quick update before I head off.

First, I would like to thank everyone who has been reporting bugs on the Ubuntu Beta font. It has been especially useful to have feedback and bugs on all the different language glyphs so a special thank you to all those Greek, Cyrillic, Polish, Spanish bug reporters out there. I couldn’t end my Friday font honour roll without particularly thanking Paul Sladen for all his invaluable help and advice on bug etiquette and triaging.

Taking the time to fix all the reported bugs is likely to mean that the fully open beta will be somewhat delayed. I appreciate your patience and am very aware of impending UI freeze deadlines. Please bear with us – this is an enormous project and I am really conscious of taking the time to ensure not only the font but also the processes around bug triage and prioritisation on quality footing.

You can expect an update on Monday which will contain a number of fixes and updates to regular, bold and their italics.

I leave you, and the font, in the capable hands of my team and look forward to my holiday and seeing the updates myself when I get back!