Posts from September 2010

  • Something New and Beautiful: Ubuntu, distilled, in type

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    The Ubuntu font represents the values of Ubuntu and Canonical, distilled into a typeface that is highly legible on screen, clean and balanced in print, professionally designed yet imbued with the wisdom of the whole Ubuntu community. I hope it’s a benchmark for more libre font work, and a catalyst for improvements in the tools of typography.

  • Intial Hebrew trials

    Bruno Maag,

    The Ubuntu project is going full speed. We have started intial work on the Hebrew and would like to share…

  • Did you know?


    An introduction to the magical world of Application Screenshots and how to improve the images displayed in Ubuntu’s software catalog.

  • Getting physical

    Christian Giordano,

    Introduction With the ingress in the market of products like Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and Microsoft Kinect, developers finally started…

  • Screens everywhere

    Iain Farrell,

    This is a fabulous little invention especially as I’m a keen cyclist in the city.
    Nicked from Steve Clayton’s fabulous blog.

  • dConstruct 2010

    Inayaili de León Persson,

    Once again Brighton-based Clearleft prepared something special for those who attended this year’s dConstruct conference. Ivanka and myself had the…

  • Charactersets

    Iain Farrell,

    In this latest post discussing development of the Ubuntu family of fonts, Bruno discusses scope, charactersets and what’s coming as…

  • Meerkats like the sun?!

    Iain Farrell,

    Today I got another e-mail from a statue. There’s a perfectly normal sentence … This time from a beach where Rick says he’s having an amazing time relaxing after his conference! So what have we learned so far, apart from the fact that an unattended Meerkat is likely to wander off if left for too […]

  • In Brazil?!

    Iain Farrell,

    Came in this morning to a mail from Rick, my Meerkat who went for a walk a little while ago. Apparently he was giving a keynote at Linuxcon!! More as I get it …

  • Just an average day in 2014

    Iain Farrell,

    While I’m not convinced that Sweden will actually win the world cup there’s lots to like about this “five minutes into the future” look at how we might share content and interact with devices in a few years time. I’m setting a reminder in my calendar. I’ll catch you in 5 years, see if we […]

  • Why do you use Ubuntu?

    Alejandra Obregon,

    We’ve been looking at making developments to the Ubuntu website that explore and highlight the reasons for using Ubuntu above and beyond the features of the products. One idea we had was to invite community members and Ubuntu users to tweet or post about why they use Ubuntu and display this on the site. The community’s voice on the website would demonstrate one of the key drivers for using Ubuntu: showing the strength and commitment of the community, not just telling visitors about it. Adding the voice and personality of the community to the websites will enable members and users to participate in our site’s messaging and to share their passion for the concept and principles on which Ubuntu is based.

    We decided to run a test yesterday to see how you responded and whether there was interest. There are some great replies.