Posts from March 2011

  • That’s it, we’re quitting

    Matthew Paul Thomas,

    The “Quit” command in applications today is a relic from the days when the original Macintosh had no hard disk and couldn’t multitask. Modern applications have made this command increasingly annoying. Fortunately, though, modern PCs have also made it increasingly unnecessary. Mobile operating systems have, for the most part, eliminated the “Quit” command completely. In Ubuntu, the messaging and sound menus will help us do the same.

  • Ayatana overlay scrollbars: something truly Natty

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    Natty will feature a world first – overlay scrollbars in desktop applications. The goal is to put content first and banish chrome, while still paying attention to the needs of the desktop environment – mouse pointers. These were designed and developed by Canonical as part of the Ayatana initiative, improving both focus and awareness for users of Ubuntu and other free desktops that adopt these technologies.