We’re very excited to have just released the first version of the App Design Guides, the go-to destination to design and build beautiful and usable apps for Ubuntu on phones! There is also a very handy Ubuntu user interface toolkit preview for developers.

We believe technology should be available to everyone. Going mobile is a big leap in that direction for Ubuntu, and great apps are essential for achieving this goal! Following these design guides helps you to create apps that are beautiful, usable, consistent, and maintain Ubuntu’s unique characteristics whilst giving you the flexibility you need.

12 core apps

To kick things off, we have started a project to build 12 core apps for Ubuntu for phones, and we’ve sketched some key screens for the most important ones – we’ll add them to the project wiki shortly!

Collaboration and next steps

Today is just the beginning. The Ubuntu app design guide will be a ‘living’ site. We’ve put a lot of effort into making these design guides as complete as possible for a first version; the design guide will be updated and extended in following versions. We encourage everybody to participate in making it better.

If you want to help us improve these guides, join our mailing list. We’d love to hear from you!