Here are the best links shared by the design team in October:

  1. Writing to Think
  2. How We Fixed Our Icon Problem
  3. Writing Developer Job Postings
  4. The Stages of Fear
  5. Building and Enterprise CSS Framework
  6. Project Apollo Archive
  7. HoloLens project X-ray
  8. Aurous
  9. CSS vs SVG: The Final Round(up)
  10. Tech For Good
  11. Motion UI
  12. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  13. How to Get Your Client to Say ‘Yes’
  14. Blend – Generate simple and beautiful CSS3 gradients
  15. Why UX design patterns work and how to use them
  16. Bootstrap Studio
  17. Object-Oriented UX
  18. The Future Is Now! – 10/21/15 – A Special Message From Doc Brown
  19. Kai Brach – Offscreen Magazine
  20. Git Large File Storage – How to Work with Big Files
  21. Melting POP @ Alexandre DUBOSC
  22. Project Faces – Adobe Max 2015 – Sneak Peeks
  23. British Library offers over 1 million free vintage images for download
  24. Adapting without assumptions

Thanks to Alejandra, Anthony, Elvi, James, Joe, Luca, Richard and me, for the links this month!