Here are the best links shared by the design team during the shortest month of the year:

  1. Digital Design Education is Broken
  2. My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours
  3. Persona
  4. Never Ask What They Want—3 Better Questions to Ask in User Interviews
  5. Celebrating Cities: A New Look and Feel for Uber
  6. Pure CSS – Alarm App
  7. Basic CSS Selector Syntax Explained Using Cats
  8. From Millions to Billions
  9. After Growing to 50 People, We’re Ditching the Office Completely: Here’s Why
  10. Jheronimus Bosch – the Garden of Earthly Delights
  11. Introducing Vector Networks
  12. How to prepare and write a tech conference talk
  13. Evolution of Webdesign
  14. Chrome Experiments: Infinite city
  15. Morgan Freeman is lending his voice to Google’s GPS navigation system
  16. Canonical’s BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet Wins “Best of MWC 2016” Award
  17. Atlas, The Next Generation
  18. Stripe Atlas. A new way to start an internet business anywhere
  19. Kanye Ipsum
  20. Rubik’s Cube Explorer

Thank you to Elvi, Jamie, Joe, Jouni, Marcus, Patricia, Richard and me for the links this month!