Here are the best links shared by the design team over the last month:

  1. LEGO Serious Play
  2. Micro Lego Serious Play: How small can a useful tool for thinking be?
  3. The world’s 15 most complicated subway maps
  4. Railway maps
  5. Your Job Ad: The Start of a Great Hiring Experience
  6. Google Resizer
  7. Artist Creates Astonishing Ubuntu Wallpapers for Phones and Tablets
  8. Ubuntu convergence finally impresses me
  9. SSHTron – Tron in Your Terminal
  10. Is group chat making you sweat?
  11. Everything About This “Beautiful Woman Soldering” Stock Photo Is Wrong
  12. Poster has every exploratory endeavor into space from 1959-2015
  13. Stripe Dashboard: A Design Details Exploration
  14. Freewrite: Your Distraction-Free Writing Tool
  15. Instant Logo Search
  16. 25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going
  17. Learn From the Past, Enhance for the Future
  18. An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues
  19. Motion Design is the Future of UI
  21. d’Oh My Zsh
  22. Microsoft has created Star Wars-style holographic communication
  23. Building the UI for the new The Times website
  24. The Google App’s New Voice – #NatAndLo Ep 12

Thank you to Anthony, Barry, Femma, Jamie, Joe, John, Karl, Luca, Matthieu, Peter, Rae, Stephanie, Ting-Ray, Will and me for the links this month!