Here are the best links shared by the design team over the last month:

  1. MyData 2016 Conference
  2. Next-level collaboration: the future of content and design
  3. Collection of popular UX flows
  4. Microsoft’s hover gestures for Windows phones are magnificent
  5. What Happened to Google Maps? Surprising Changes to Google Maps’s Cartography
  6. 7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Accessibility
  7. Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It
  8. Bicycles Built Based On People’s Attempts to Draw Them From Memory
  9. Learn From the Past, Enhance for the Future
  10. Atomic Docs. A styleguide generator and component manager
  11. How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist
  12. Star Wars Episode IV in one picture
  13. Airbnb Design: Building a Visual Language
  14. Dribbble Comment Generator
  15. Confident, Instinct, and Knowing When to Fight Back: An Interview with Canonical CEO Jane Silber

Thank you to Alejandra, Ant, Carla, James, Jamie, Joe, Jouni, Peter and me for the links this month!