Here are the best links shared by the design team during the month of October:

  1. Don’t Let Email Zombies Eat Up Your Day
  2. SuperHi: Learn to code in London, New York City and online
  3. Halloween Costumes for Designers
  4. The Worst Portfolio Ever
  5. The Sanctity of Your Calendar
  6. Using Normal doors to inform your next design
  7. How Microsoft’s Secret User Onboarding Process Fooled Us All
  8. You Might Not Need JavaScript
  9. How to become a public speaker in 1 year
  10. A design leader’s guide to running effective group reviews
  11. Redesigning Chrome Desktop
  12. Moon by Ai Weiwei & Olafur Eliasson
  13. Beauty vs. Function

Thank you to Alejandra, Elvira, Jamie, Joana, Joe, Kristine and me for the links this month!