Here are the best links shared by the design team during the first month of 2017:

  1. A Guide to 2017 Conferences
  2. Information Literacy Is a Design Problem
  3. Pattern patter.
  5. The Imbalance of Culture Fit
  6. a big list of good news from 2016
  7. Calculate the ideal height of your ergonomic desk, chair and keyboard
  8. Commit Logs From Last Night
  9. Design Guidelines
  10. Reasons.London event
  11. Letterboxd 2016 Year in Review
  12. TED Talk: Are you a giver or a taker?
  13. Restoring Sanity to the Office
  14. A Framework for Building a Design Practice
  15. On Better Meetings
  16. Skeuomorphism on Conversational UIs
  17. Designing a product with mental issues in mind

Thank you to Andrea, Anthony, Clara, Grazina, Jamie, Karl, Richard and me for the links this month.