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  • Ubuntu Arabic, in print!

    Paul Sladen,

    A beta of Ubuntu Font Family Arabic, in print as part of the testing and debugging process for the Arabic coverage.

    The magazine is an intriguing tri-lingual production published by the Cultural Office of Saudi Arabia in Germany … German and English articles using Latin script at one cover and Arabic from the other.

  • Kashmiri Arabic script – questions, questions…

    Bruno Maag,

    We are now putting the two complex scripts Hebrew and Arabic together. Although the basic design of the Arabic was finalised some months ago we have been doing a lot of background work investigating language support, and thus defining a glyph set. This work has led us to have aprox. another 1,000 glyphs in the font supporting languages such as Kashmiri. Our designer Jonathan Pierini currently has the task (some would say unfortunate) of compiling the various glyphs and their diacritics. Whilst doing this we have come across a few situations which we hope someone from the Ubuntu community can help us with…

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