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  • Get your photos on millions of computers!

    Iain Farrell,

    It’s that time again! We’ve been accepting submissions on the Ubuntu Artwork Flickr group for a while now but with the deadline fast approaching for Beta we need to get together a shortlist and finalise the photo wallpapers that will be in the next Ubuntu release in October.

  • Have you inspired millions of people lately?

    David Siegel,

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS “Lucid Lynx” is just around the corner and Ubuntu users around the world are eager to be inspired by your awesome artwork and photos. You know the drill–submit your photos to the Ubuntu Artwork Flickr pool and we’ll ship as many beautiful images as we can fit on the CD!

  • Karmic desktop contest script

    David Siegel,

    I wrote a quick-and-dirty Haskell script to download photos from the Karmic Desktop Contest, setting a new photo as your desktop background every ten minutes. Make sure you cabal install flickr first.

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