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  • Here come the Ninjas


    Announcing an all new team focused on fixing bugs, Papercuts Ninja team, and why you should be excited!

  • Boo-yah!!!


    105 papercut bugs have been fixed in Maverick already! Read on to find out how you can help us clear even more.

  • Reasons to celebrate 29th April 2010

    Ivanka Majic,

    One of the first things I did when I joined Canonical just over a year ago was conduct some user research. The idea was to identify some broad areas that needed to be addressed and so I devised sessions that included topics like dealing with music and photos, browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, etc. […]

  • Only 25 Paper Cuts left for Lucid!

    David Siegel,

    That’s right, we’ve fixed 75 paper cuts for Lucid already! We only need to fix 25 more to reach 100, but with many important freezes occurring over the next couple weeks we need to prioritize and focus.

    UI freeze comes this Thursday, March 4. This means that paper cuts involving user-facing changes (e.g. labels, menus, buttons) […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts for Lucid, Round 10

    David Siegel,

    Time flies like an arrow! This week marks the final round of paper cuts for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS “Lucid Lynx.” We’ve done an outstanding job so far but we still have work ahead of us. Here are some paper cuts that need attention this round:

    “Create Document” Templates difficult to use
    Right-clicking on the Desktop and choosing […]

  • Lucid Paper Cuts Round 9 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    One Hundred Paper Cuts for Lucid is going well. 56 paper cuts have been fixed so far. We have to fix at least 20 more paper cuts to match the number of paper cuts fixed in Karmic, a record you can help us surpass by working on closing the 26 paper cuts with bugs attached.
    This […]

  • Improved window management shortcuts land in Lucid

    David Siegel,

    Sebastian Bacher landed improved Compiz keyboard shortcucts in Lucid this week during the distro sprint in Portland, Oregon (which is by far the best sprint I’ve ever been to–everybody is rocking):

    Super↓E↓↑↑ triggers Expo as usual.
    Super↓W↓↑↑ scales all windows on your current workspace (hint: try typing in scale mode!).
    Super↓A↓↑↑ scales all windows on all workspaces.
    Super↓D↓↑↑ replaces […]

  • Lucid Paper Jam update!

    David Siegel,

    I thought I’d write a quick update on paper cut progress for Lucid. Last week was our “Sound & Video” paper jam. The following paper cuts were fixed:

    Totem: Must have a fullscreen button
    “Razor” [is] an odd name for the split tool
    Rhythmbox Notification Bubble shows wrong cover art
    [Sound Recorder] Cancel button doesn’t use correct behaviour
    [Sound Recorder] […]

  • Empathy Paper Jam

    David Siegel,

    Last week marked our first “paper jam” for the Lucid cycle, during which the Ubuntu community identified ten potential paper cuts affecting Empathy to fix in Ubuntu 10.04. These paper cuts include:

    Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically
    “Automatically connect on startup” setting confusing – users may expect this to run Empathy on login
    Inconsistent […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts: Karmic summary and Lucid plans

    David Siegel,

    Karmic Retrospective
    Long story short: we fixed 76 paper cuts for Karmic. Hooray! Congratulations! For more details, see the Ubuntu wiki page.
    (I believe we actually reached 100, but many paper cuts were fixed without being reported or carefully tracked, and some individual paper cuts addressed multiple instances of a general of problem.)
    What about Lucid?
    At the Ubuntu […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 8 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 8 came and went last week, and good progress was made:

    Login screen clock has AM/PM suffix despite 24-hour format
    Ted M Lin identified the root of the problem (a small string time descriptor needed changing) and Bruce Cowan notes that the upstream merge is pending.
    cliparts are not in gallery-path of openoffice […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 7 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 7 drew to a close last week. Here are the paper cuts that were (or were not) addressed:

    GNOME Panel icons (on right side) move apparently randomly on session start in some situations
    Ryan Maki wrote a surprisingly small patch to fix this long-standing and very annoying bug with over forty duplicates. […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 6 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 6 contained some of the easiest-to-fix paper cuts we’ve seen so far, but it made less progress than any previous milestone. Perhaps this is indicative of the psychology behind paper cuts; the bugs that are easiest to fix often get the least attention. The two paper cuts that made discernible […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 5 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    Without further ado, here’s an update on the fifth round of the One Hundred Paper Cuts project. The paper cuts addressed were:

    When nautilus cannot unmount a media, it must tell why
    Karmic inherited a nice dialog from upstream Nautilus that assists the user who tries to unmount a busy drive. Excellent!
    Cannot install fonts using method described […]

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 4 Progress Report

    David Siegel,

    The fourth milestone in the One Hundred Paper Cuts project came and went over a week ago. Here’s a summary of the issues addressed:

    F-Spot puts photos in Photos folder not Pictures folder
    A patch from an F-Spot developer exists in Bugzilla, and has been iterated a few times using feedback from other developers. The upstream bug […]

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