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  • Raring to ringlead this cycle

    Iain Farrell,

    Raring Ringtail is well under way with delicious new visual elements being dropped in all the time, and the new default wallpaper has already landed. Now it’s our turn to add some community contributed assets to the mix in the form of the wallpapers submitted by us, the users of Ubuntu. Last cycle we limited […]

  • The Pangolin wallpaper selection takes flight

    Iain Farrell,

    For another cycle a selection of images has been put forward for inclusion in Ubuntu. As there have been some questions on other blogs about the process I thought it was worth doing a quick refresher. Each release we ask the community contributors whose images were included in the last release if they’d like to […]

  • Sound theme results

    Calum Pringle,

    First of all, thank you all for your feedback in both the blog post and, most importantly, the survey. Over…

  • Sound theme update

    Calum Pringle,

    Thank you everyone for all your effort, overall it’s an impressive set from such a short deadline! We’ve been busy…

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