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  • Ubuntu 14.10 wallpapers – we needs ‘em!

    Iain Farrell,

    Ubuntu was once described to me by a wise(ish ;) ) man as a train that was leaving whether you’re on it or not. That’s the beauty of a 6 month release cycle. As many of you will already know, each release we include photos and illustrations produced by community members. We ask that you submit your […]

  • #10 Ubuntu is built on IAAS for IAAS users

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    Ubuntu is famous for “making things easy”. That’s just as important on the cloud as it is in consumer devices, and we bring the same user-centric design to command-line driven core OS environments on the cloud that drives our desktop, tablet and phone development. The result is a lightweight, clean and fast platform for developers and devops.

  • The very best edge of all

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    The bottom edge is the most natural one to use, and Ubuntu has given it to developers to make the most of. Some design guidance establishes a framework for evaluating your creativity, but it leaves a very wide degree of creative freedom and we’re already seeing a load of superb interactions coming to the fore in core and community apps. Have fun with yours!

  • Thanks for all your submissions!

    Iain Farrell,

    The submissions process for Ubuntu 14.04 is now closed. If you’d like to look at the images head over to the Flickr Group. From here on a group of dedicated and splendid individuals will get together to select the images that are going to go into the next release of Ubuntu. We’ll be hanging out on #1404wallpaper on Freenode and you can come listen in :)

  • 13.04 wallpapers submitted

    Iain Farrell,

      The community team for wallpaper selection got together last week #1304wallpaper on Freenode and between us we’ve determined that we’d like to submit the following images as our delightful wallpaper selection for 13.04. Many thanks to everyone who came to discuss options and help with the selection and in particular those who highlighted that […]

  • 13.04 Shortlist in progress

    Iain Farrell,

    13.04 Shortlist in progress, a gallery on Flickr. A quick update, the previous contributors and I are putting together the finishing touches to what we hope will be a great selection. You can see our working over on a Google spreadsheet we’ve made. We’ll be packaging and downloading and shrinking and all sorts to get […]

  • Raring to ringlead this cycle

    Iain Farrell,

    Raring Ringtail is well under way with delicious new visual elements being dropped in all the time, and the new default wallpaper has already landed. Now it’s our turn to add some community contributed assets to the mix in the form of the wallpapers submitted by us, the users of Ubuntu. Last cycle we limited […]

  • 12.10 wallpaper selection finalised

    Iain Farrell,

    Here they are! Our lovely wallpapers for the 12.10 release of Ubuntu. Fine plumage I think you’ll agree! As you’ll have seen elsewhere on the web these landed in the release at the time of the freeze last week. A massive thanks to everyone who contributed, the standard was very high this time around, people […]

  • 12.10 shortlist so far

    Iain Farrell,

    12.10 shortlist, a gallery on Flickr. Today the group closed on submissions for the 12.10 wallpaper selection. The team of us involved are still working to add/ remove and refine this collection before the 30th. We’ve got a few more than our 10 target, we’ll review this number tomorrow based on quality and what we […]

  • New focus for wallpaper submissions

    Iain Farrell,

    Quantal is well on the way to being the great release we’ve come to expect from Ubuntu so it’s time to add to that sheen with a set of quality wallpapers from our fantastic community. This cycle we’re going to try to make the process better than before by setting out a clearer vision for […]

  • Ubuntu Online Tour

    Anthony Dillon,

    We realise that changing Operating System (OS) is a big thing for anyone thinking of testing something out. That becomes…

  • System status menu refinements in Ubuntu 12.10

    Matthew Paul Thomas,

    For Ubuntu 12.04, we’re planning to merge the user and system menus, make major changes to the messaging menu, introduce a new sync menu, and retire the printing status menu. There are plenty of smaller changes you can help out with, too.

  • Holistic UI is smarter UX

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    It’s only by looking at the whole, that we can design great experiences. And only by building a community of both system and application developers that care about the whole, that we can make those designs real.

  • The Pangolin wallpaper selection takes flight

    Iain Farrell,

    For another cycle a selection of images has been put forward for inclusion in Ubuntu. As there have been some questions on other blogs about the process I thought it was worth doing a quick refresher. Each release we ask the community contributors whose images were included in the last release if they’d like to […]

  • Choosing, moving, wallpapers

    Iain Farrell,

    All the way back in January we kicked off the submissions process for the next released of Ubuntu. We did this using Flickr and since then the group has been inundated with over 2,700 submissions! This is an incredible achievement in a reasonably short time and many of the entries are looking great. Charline, on […]

  • … for human beings

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    The goodness of free software in the hands of humanity – from hard-core engineers to spreadsheet warriors to kids at play to artists dreaming. That’s what we aim for with Ubuntu, and 12.04 LTS beta is looking good!

  • Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    The HUD replaces traditional menus in applications targeting Unity. Say what you mean, instead of navigating through a tree of options. Initially the HUD is shaped as a fast and smart look-ahead search through menus, but over the next four releases, it will gain more sophisticated kinds of interaction.

  • Meeting Prezi

    Christian Giordano,

    While we were sprinting in Budapest, we had the opportunity to meet the team responsible for such an interesting and…

  • Убу́нту Моно: «Г» «Њ њ Љ љ» «Ђ ђ Ћ ћ»

    Paul Sladen,

    Amélie Bonet at Dalton Maag has drawn up redesigns for a number of the Cyrillic and Serbian/Balkans characters that weren’t as clear, or ideal as they could have been. If you use these characters, please help give feedback about whether the suggested improvements are sufficient, or whether they could be improved further. For Greek, there is also a proposed fix to monospace Gamma.

  • Juju: a logo with a story

    Marcus Haslam,

    Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote this week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit includes introducing Juju, including a big slide showing off the…

  • Dash takes shape for 11.10 Unity

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    Feature freeze for 11.10 brings the likely look and feel of Unity for this release into focus. We’ve moved from Dash Places to Scopes and Lenses, introduced more sophisticated filtering and cleaned up some visual elements.

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