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  • Holistic UI is smarter UX

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    It’s only by looking at the whole, that we can design great experiences. And only by building a community of both system and application developers that care about the whole, that we can make those designs real.

  • Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    The HUD replaces traditional menus in applications targeting Unity. Say what you mean, instead of navigating through a tree of options. Initially the HUD is shaped as a fast and smart look-ahead search through menus, but over the next four releases, it will gain more sophisticated kinds of interaction.

  • Dash takes shape for 11.10 Unity

    Mark Shuttleworth,

    Feature freeze for 11.10 brings the likely look and feel of Unity for this release into focus. We’ve moved from Dash Places to Scopes and Lenses, introduced more sophisticated filtering and cleaned up some visual elements.

  • Looking at Ubuntu Brainstorm: Idea #25801

    Ivanka Majic,

    The Ubuntu Technical Board is currently conducting a review of the top ten Brainstorm issues users have raised about Ubuntu, and Matt asked me to investigate Idea #25801: Help the user understand when closing a window does not terminate the app. In other words, figure out to signal to the user that an application will […]

  • Discussing Unity in Linux Format

    David Siegel,

    Issue 134 (August, 2010) of Linux Format magazine contains an interview by Jono Bacon in which I discuss Unity and other related topics. Below are the questions Jono asked me and my responses.

    How did you get started in Open Source?

    I had to build a UNIX shell and UNIX-like kernel for a university course on operating […]

  • Hello, Unity

    David Siegel,

    This is an early version of Unity, what will hopefully become the new interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10:
    Unity comprises:

    A launcher that makes opening and switching between applications delightful.
    A panel where indicators behave uniformly.
    A view of your installed applications, with Ubuntu Software Center integration.
    A view of your files, with quick access to favorite folders, recent […]

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